LiquidMatters is an interactive installation dealing with the economy of attention. Nowadays we pay more attention to our digital screens and not to our
physical surroundings. While social media apps are “stealing” our attention and try to achieve an “illusion of reality”, LiquidMatters tries to reverse this illusionist persistence by creating abstract black and white
images with the use of ferrofluids (nanoparticles of ferromagnetic material suspended in a carrier liquid).
Similar to digital displays it consists of pixels, however, in the form of ferrofluid drops. Two displays are positioned side by side , one dispalying real matter and the other displaying a digital simulation. The ferrofluid
dropds, organic and fluid as they are, flowing
around, they come in contrast with the regular pixels,thus confusing us on their nature; are they living creatures or maybe simulated ones? And what to they

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